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Teaching coordinator :

RĂ©mi Carminati

Teaching staff :
Emmanuel Bossy

Research center

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : physics option

Number of hours : 12

ECTS Credits : 1,5
OMC Waves in complex media
Teaching site :
Lectures: 12 h


Understand the phenomena of wave scattering in disordered media (eg soft matter, biological tissues). Introduce the imaging techniques based on measurements of average diffuse intensity (transport) or speckle (interferences). The main thread of the course is optical imaging, but emphasis is placed on the generality of concepts and methods and many references are made to acoustics and electronic transport.


  • Scattering of light by particles
  • Multiple scattering and transport in a scattering medium
  • Speckle
  • Dynamic light scattering

Links to other course modules

The lecture is transversal by nature. Although the course is organized around optical propagation and imaging in scattering media (Optics course), the connection is established with acoustic propagation (Waves and acoustics course) and electronic transport (Solid state physics course). The statistical approach used to model transport and speckle links to the Statistical mechanics course. The lecture naturally opens up applications for the characterization of soft matter (dynamic light scattering) and biomedical imaging.

Requirements : Wave propagation and light-matter interaction (electromagnetic waves, optics and wave and acoustics courses).

Evaluation mechanism : Homework.

Last Modification : Tuesday 5 September 2017

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