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Teaching coordinator :

RĂ©seau Athens

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 22

ECTS Credits : 1
Teaching site :
Lectures: 22 h

Presentation of the week

Created in 1996, the ATHENS Network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / SOCRATES) is made up of 14 European technological universities and nine ParisTech Graduate Schools of Engineering, which coordinates the program.
The main goal of the network is to facilitate the exchange of students, teachers and researchers from major European technological universities and to participate together under European technological development and training programmes. Each year, approximately 5000 students are participating in this Athens program, and half of them are chosing courses abroad.
One of the network's first and most particular actions concerns the organisation of an intensive program of coursework taught at each member institution during one or two sessions in November and March. ESPCI participates in the March session, the courses are validated by two to three credits in the home university.

ATHENS courses taught at ESPCI Paris

  • Energy
    The prerequisites of this course are notions of solid physics, electrochemistry and basic mechanics.

    The competences acquired during the lectures are: in-depth knowledge of the orders of magnitude on energy, basics on photovoltaics and wind, knowledge of photovoltaic-hydrogen conversion processes, knowledge of hydrogen storage materials, electrostrictive materials, piezoelectric devices, and energy storage.

  • Innovative Polymer Materials
    This course is suitable for master students in chemical or materials engineering. An introduction to polymer science (polymer physics and polymer Chemistry) is required and some knowledge of solid mechanics, materials characterization and of polymer rheology will be very useful.

    At the end of the course, the students should have some working knowledge of the synthesis methods, structure, properties and some applications of soft innovative materials including hydrogels, coatings and elastomers.

Evaluation mechanism : One hour quizz.

Last Modification : Tuesday 6 March 2018

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