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Lecturers :

Rémi Carminati
Chéryl Palma

Research center

Level : 1st year

Course Language : French

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 60

ECTS Credits : 5
OEM Electromagnetic waves
Teaching site :
Lectures: 15 h - Tutorials: 5 h - Preceptorship: 6 h - Laboratory sessions: 34 h


Master the physical concepts needed to understand phenomena involving electromagnetic wave propagation. Learn the methods of modeling of elementary systems (eg waveguides, antennas). Linking with other basic science and engineering science lectures (optics, solid-state physics, signal processing, telecommunications).


  • Maxwell's equations in free space and in continuous media.
  • Waves in material media and at interfaces.
  • Waveguides, transmission lines and impedance matching.
  • Electromagnetic cavities.
  • Radiation and antennas.


Telecommunication, metamaterials, antenna.

Laboratory sessions

  • Impedance matching
  • Metallic wageguide
  • Antennas
  • Metamaterials
  • Lines

Requirements : Vector analysis, electrostatic and magnetostatic.

Evaluation mechanism : Written exam with 45 min of course evaluation without documents and 1h15 devoted to a problem with documents.

Last Modification : Wednesday 31 May 2017

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