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Lecturers :

Olivier Dauchot
Anthony Maggs

Vincent Démery

Research center

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : physics option

Number of hours : 23

ECTS Credits : 3
PSA3 Advanced statistical physics
Teaching site :
Lectures: 23 h


Acquiring funamental concepts of equilibrium and non equilibrium statistical physics. Equivalent to end of first year of Master.


  1. Equilibrium Statistical Physics

    • Basics, Microcanonical and Canonical Ensembles, Legnedre transform
    • Large deviation function for a conserved and a non conserved quantity
    • Phase Transitions : Landau / Widom / Introduction to RG

  2. Out of Equilibrium Statistical Physics

    • Master Equation
    • Langevin Equation
    • Fokker Planck Equation

  3. Liquids at and out of equilibrium

    • Equilibrium liquids
    • Introduction to glasses
    • Introduction to Active Liquids

Requirements : Bachelor level in physics and mathematics.

Evaluation mechanism : Written examination without documents, evaluation of the understanding of the concepts.

Last Modification : Thursday 1 June 2017

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