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Lecturers :

Andrew Griffiths
Philippe Nghe

Teaching staff :
Clément Nizak
Raphaël Rodriguez
Yannick Rondelez
Jean-Marie François

Research center

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : biotechnologies option

Number of hours : 36

ECTS Credits : 5
BSS Synthetic and systems biology
Teaching site :
Lectures: 26 h - Tutorials: 10 h


The aim of this course is to understand the state of the art at a research level in the following areas:

  • Chemistry and systems biology for medicines (Raphaël Rodriguez, Curie Institute): how to design, screen and use small molecules to control cellular and genomic properties
  • Analyzing and designing biological systems (Clément Nizak): statistical physics inspired approaches to analyze biological complexity
  • Bottom-up approaches to regulatory networks (Philippe Nghe): simulating and constructing regulatory networks
  • Re-engineering microbial metabolism (Jean-Marie François, INRA) : strategies to rewire microbial metabolism for bioproduction
  • Synthetic bio-chemistries and Biocomputing (Yannick Rondelez): using biomolecules to process information and engineer chemical circuits.


The rapid increase in genotypic and phenotypic measurement capabilities allows and requires quantitative and integrated approaches to living systems. These changes promise to revolutionize their understanding and engineering. This course will introduce experimental, technological, and conceptual tools at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology.


Tutorials consist of the modelization and computer assisted design of gene networks.

Requirements : The first year Biochemistry/Biology course.

Evaluation mechanism : Oral examination.

Last Modification : Wednesday 1 February 2017

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