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Lecturers :

Brigitte Beaussart
Esther Honikman

Level : 2nd year

Course Language : French

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 12

ECTS Credits : 1
CRS2 Professional project
Teaching site :
Workshops: 12 h


The main objectives of this second module are:

  • Know how to assert your career plan while mastering recruitment techniques/processes
  • Get a better understanding of individual motivations within a team of co-workers in an organisation
  • Understand certain mechanisms of cooperation within a team towards a common goal
  • Learn to work with people with different personalities and cultures
  • Learn to step back and reflect on your own integration in a team


  • Recruitment process: how to find an internship, how to write a covering letter and a resume, on-line application process, etc.
  • Personal skill assessment, work on the professional project and the skills necessary for the chosen orientation

The sessions include case studies, simulations and active student participation.

Last Modification : Saturday 25 February 2017

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