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Lecturers :

André Klarsfeld
Sophie Pezet

Thierry Gallopin

Research center

Level : 2nd year

Course Language : French

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 50

ECTS Credits : 4
PHY Physiology
Teaching site :
Lectures: 14 h - Preceptorship: 6 h - Laboratory sessions: 30 h


The main objective of the course and the associated lab sessions is to present basic notions of physiology (such as homeostasis, neuro-endocrine signaling, retroaction), building up on the molecular and cell biology covered during the first year. The temporal dimension of the organism, conferred by biological clocks that rhythm our days and nights, will be briefly described. It will be developed further in the module "Le temps" of the 2nd PSL exchange week.


General organization of the lectures:
  • Physiology : from molecule to organism in its environment
  • Introduction to intercellular signaling
  • An example of neuro-endocrine pathway : from the retina to the synthesis of melatonin (the "night hormone")
  • Introduction to the cardio-vascular system
  • Sleep, a physiological state in search of a function


Study of scientific articles on the following themes:
  • Study of cerebral function through the use of novel technologies (ontogenetic, voltage-sensitive dye imaging, ultrafast ultrasound imaging).
  • Underlying mechanisms of sleep
  • Neuroscience article in relationship with NMR

Laboratory sessions

  • Study of the human heart through ECG. This double lab session (7.5h) involves both simulation and experimental work.
  • Study of the regulation of glycemia (involves both simulation and experimental work)
  • Study of arterial blood pressure (experimental work)
  • Two methods to study hearing deficiencies : acoustic oto-emissions and auditory evoked potentials (experimental work)
  • Neurosciences : membrane properties, channels and neuronal activation (simulation)
  • Brain machine interfaces (experimental work)

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