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Teaching coordinator :

Patrick Tabeling

Research center

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 18

ECTS Credits : 2
MIF Microfluidics
Teaching site :
Lectures: 12 h - Preceptorship: 6 h


The aim is to introduce students to the multidisciplinary realm of microfluidics. The course includes a general introduction to microsystems, MEMS, the "lab on a chip", DNA chips, etc. We will explain how the equilibria of "ordinary" systems are upset by miniaturisation. We will then concentrate on flow in microsystems, and the phenomena of adsorption, dispersion and separation in microfluidic systems. There will follow a description of electrokinetic phenomena, often exploited in microsystems for fluid transport or molecular separation. Finally, at an elementary level, we will present the current microfabrication techniques based on silicon or other materials which enable microsystems to be built.


  • General introduction to microsystems
  • The physics of miniaturisation
  • Flow in microsystems
  • Adsorption and mixing phenomena; applications to separation in microsystems
  • Electrokinetic phenomena: electro-osmosis, electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis
  • Introduction to microfabrication techniques


Analysis of an article and demonstration of the corresponding experiment, for example:

  • Analysis of a chemical reaction in a microchannel
  • Breakup of droplets in a microchannel
  • Structure of microdroplets in a microchannel

Requirements : Basics of physics, hydrodynamics, biology, physico-chemistry.

Evaluation mechanism : Written exam based on an article study given before to the students.

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