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Teaching coordinator :

André Gorius

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 14

ECTS Credits : 1,5
FF3 Corporate finance fundamentals
Teaching site :
Lectures: 12 h - Tutorials: 2 h


Understand and analyze corporale P&L and Balance Sheet statements. Link between P&L and B/S - Free Cash Flow. Notions of assets valorization and investment decisions making.


  • Profit & Loss (EBIT, EBITDA)
  • Notions concerning the Balance Sheet (essentially working capital)
  • Links between P&L and B/S and Free Cash Flow
  • NPV (Net Present Value of an asset)


Simple examples.

Requirements : Basic mathematics (algebra, analysis); mass and energy balance.

Evaluation mechanism : Home examination.

Last Modification : Wednesday 31 May 2017

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