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Lecturers :

Brigitte Beaussart
Esther Honikman

Level : 1st year

Course Language : French

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 15

ECTS Credits : 1
CRS1 Communication and social relations
Teaching site :
Workshops: 15 h


The main objectives of this first module are:

  • Discover the main functions within a company
  • Discover the meaning of social relations within a company
  • Understand the managerial relationship
  • Establish students' career plans and provide a clearer idea of their responsibilities as future managers (entitlements and obligations)
  • How to work with Human Resources


  • Company position in the French economic market
  • Company organisation
  • HR position in the company and relationship with engineers
  • Recruitment process
  • Learn to write covering letters and resume

The sessions include case studies, simulations and active student participation.

Last Modification : Friday 10 March 2017

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