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Lecturers :

Pascale Brochard
Renaud Fulconis

Research center

Level : 1st year

Course Language : French

Term : core curriculum

Number of hours : 10

ECTS Credits : 1
BREV Intellectual property law
Teaching site :
Lectures: 3 h - Practical sessions: 7 h


The objectives of the course completed by the practical sessions are:

  • Understand what IP Rights are appropriate to protect your innovations;
  • Identify innovations that may be patentable;
  • Analyze a patent, understand the main information, and get an idea of its potential legal scope;
  • Interpret a discussion with an IP expert to make a business decision!


This course aims at giving concrete knowledge regarding IP Rights, and more especially patents. Topics which are covered include:

  • description of IP Rights (trademarks, patents, patent designs, copyright) that an entrepreneur may use to protect its innovation and their specificities
  • Choice of keeping secret or publishing vs. taking patents; what is an exclusive right (and what it is not);
  • How to enforce IP rights (through licensing or litigation);
  • What innovation may be patented (patentability law will be approached mainly through examples);
  • Who is entitled to obtain patents (employees' inventions);
  • The patent document and the different types of patents.

Practical sessions

Practical work through free access databases and a role play will enable to make concepts discussed during the lecture more concrete.

Evaluation mechanism : 45 minutes written test.

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