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Lecturers :

Amandine Guérinot
Christophe Meyer

Teaching staff :
Véronique Bellosta
Domingo Gomez-pardo
Jean-Marc Paris

Research center

Level : 3rd year

Course Language : English & French

Term : biotechnologies option

Number of hours : 24

ECTS Credits : 4
ASOS Advanced selective organic synthesis
Teaching site :
Lectures : 20 h - Tutorials: 4 h


Fine organic chemistry is everywhere, in medicinal products, perfumes, cosmetics, materials, etc. Knowing the bases of organic synthesis is essential for a chemist.

This course is intended for chemists and aims to introduce them to the new reactions used in organic synthesis, for example. This work is applied in the study of major syntheses of biologically active products. These studies additionally constitute a first relative approach to Organic Chemistry synthesis strategies.


  1. Chemoselective alkylation reactions
  2. Organocatalytic reactions
  3. Organometallic coupling reactions

    • Metathesis and applications
    • Organometallic coupling reactions with palladium, iron and copper

  4. Catalytic oxydation and reduction reactions
  5. Functional group interconversions
  6. Radical reactions
  7. Rearrangement reactions
  8. Aromatic and non-aromatic heterocycle syntheses

Requirements : To have mastered the first year CHO module

Evaluation mechanism : Written exam with course questions and problems

Last Modification : Saturday 8 December 2018

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